Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyers Florida

Our criminal defense lawyers know that crimes are not taken lightly and explain how an affordable criminal defense attorney in Florida can help you. There is always a chance you could wind up in jail for any criminal charge against you, you’ll need a criminal defense lawyer if you want a fighting chance to have your criminal charges reduced or even dismissed.

One of our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Florida can help, and guide you through the legal process.

Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyers


Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm

Our knowledgeable Florida criminal defense lawyers will try to keep your case from going to a trial whenever possible. When a trial is needed you want an experienced lawyer who has been there hundreds of times.

When facing a Florida prosecuting attorney, you will want a skilled attorney who is on your side to represent you and fight for your rights. Our senior Tampa criminal attorney has over 20 years of experience and a prior prosecuting attorney here in the State of Florida. When you need legal help you
need a very experienced criminal defense lawyer in your corner when facing the legal system.


Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer fees

Remember, your freedom is at stake. If you are convicted of a crime in the state of Florida it could bring with it years in jail and hefty fines. You
do not want to take any chances with a lesser experienced criminal defense lawyer in

The best Florida criminal defense Lawyer fees we can offer you start from $999 for a misdemeanor. We like to think we offer some of the best criminal defense Lawyer fees for a felony starting from $1,999.

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Compare Fees Common Fees Affordable Legal Fees
Misdemeanor / DUI $2,000 $999
Felony $5,000 $1,999